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Images from in and around Selkirk


Images courtesy of Grant Kinghorn

Selkirk OnLine

Welcome to the Royal & Ancient Burgh of Selkirk Website

The Royal and Ancient Burgh is a title which evokes great pride, and the ancient insignia of Selkirk is borne with the pride and dignity which years, if not centuries, have bestowed upon her.


The Queen of Ettrick Forrest is her title and the town's coat of arms are of the Virgin and Child with the motto "guard her untarnished honour at the cost of life itself".

Selkirk is a pleasant town with the "ripe flavour of antiquity about it", but it is a town that is modern and progressive in its outlook.

Standing as it does on the hillside overlooking the River Ettrick, Selkirk apart from its history and romance of the area, claims more than just simple notice. It is a burgh built on a hill which cannot hide, and that spirit of asserting itself is inherent as its inhabitants.

We hope you enjoy your browsing experience here at Sekirk Online. The site is updated on a regular basis so look back soon!